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Dina Ferranti, Ph.D.

Director of Evaluation

Dina (she/her/hers) is the Director of Evaluation at Tech Goes Home. She has worked in program evaluation and research in the nonprofit sector for over 7 years and appreciates the challenges and triumphs that come along with doing work that promotes community, family, and individual well-being. She has extensive experience working from end to end of the program evaluation life cycle and has assisted organizations including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Health Departments, and Community-based organizations in conceptualizing and developing their own evaluation structures and program design. Dina’s career began in nursing and her trajectory shifted early on towards public health in pursuit of a stronger focus on promotion of health as opposed to the treatment and management of health conditions. Her favorite parts of working in evaluation are supporting teams to objectively demonstrate the positive impact of their work and developing effective systems and processes that create efficiencies (i.e. make life easier!) for all involved. Dina was born and raised in Greater Boston and lived in more temperate climates, North Carolina and Florida, from 2011-2021, but has since relocated back to her home state with her husband and beloved daughter, Lucia. 

Quick fact: Dina’s indoor cat, Cashew Butter Rivera, is a semi-trained bug hunter. Upon hearing the word “bug”, he quickly comes to find and scope out his potential prey. Note, his human family makes all efforts to assist said bugs to safety. 

Dina Ferranti, Ph.D.
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