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TGH Course Links


Feel free to reference these slides and the Instructor Handbook before emailing us with questions.


TGH Forms

For the Participant Agreement and Family Computer Contract forms, go to the Documents section on the General Resources page.

Customizable Certificates for Graduates


Blank Certificates for Graduates



1. Apps provided by TGH

  • Decide on how many TGH picked apps you will go over during a session

    • Which types of apps and in what combination?

    • How much time will you spend on demonstrating?

    • How will you determine how much time will be parents only and parent/child time?

    • How can you keep children busy with a hands-on project while you are working with the adult?

  • It's key for adults to feel confident with the apps so that they know best how to guide the child.​

2. Other apps you think are useful.

  • It’s also ok to introduce families to other apps that you think are helpful for the child’s development and learning.

  • Feel free to share your feedback with us about the provided apps, and suggestions for apps to add to the collection. You can include this feedback in your Post-Course-Survey!

3. Introduce topics that help adults support their child’s development and learning

  • The 3 I's Model: Introduce, Interact, Integrate

  • Healthy screen time use

  • Mixing tech with hands-on projects (for example, looking up dinosaurs and then creating a drawing or a sculpture of a dinosaur)

  • Other ways that they can support the child’s learning

4. Content for Adults

  • If you feel you’ve covered enough apps and parent resources, consider integrating some content solely for the adult

  • Do the adults in your course need support learning how to email from the iPad? Connect to family and friends with Facetime or Google Meet?

  • Do the adults want to learn how to search for jobs online?

  • Would it be helpful to show them how to order groceries or prescriptions for delivery?


TGH Early Childhood Program Flyers


Resources for Parents


PBS for Parents: Age-by-age tips & activities for social/emotional skills, character development, literacy, math, science, and arts.

PBS Kids: Healthy Media Use Tips for Parents and Children

Learn at Home with PBS Kids: At-home learning topic with activities, games, and articles — featuring your favorite PBS KIDS characters like Daniel Tiger, Elmo, and the Kratt brothers — to keep your child learning through play

Common Sense Media: Expert reviews, objective advice, helpful tools, and so much more.

WGBH Resources for Early Learning: exciting, engaging media-rich learning opportunities for educators, parents, and caregivers of children. From detailed lesson plans to simple, everyday activities, you will find everything you need to help your children succeed.

Parental Controls:

     Parental control set up for iOS,

     guide to setting parental controls,

     parental control for Google Play

Resources for Instructors


WGBH Distance Learning Center (English, Spanish): free, trusted digital resources from and award-winning educational preschool programming. 

Family Fun at Home (English, Spanish): Help your children birth through age 8 learn and grow by doing fun activities at home. Collect points and enter a weekly raffle for a chance to win a $25 gift card (MA residents only). 

Common Sense Education: Free distance learning plans for K–2 students and their families. Help kick-start learning at home with easy-to-use, customizable packets.

Google’s Teach from Home (English, Spanish)

TGH Early Childhood Program Flyers

TGH iPad Flyers (Early Childhood only)

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